Education in Jharkhand
About Education : The literacy rate of Jharkhand is very low i.e. only 54 % and the literacy rate of women is 40%. It is due to the lack of education facilities and unemployment. The tribals of Jharkhand has yet not developed. But now many organization runs there and aware people about the education and even media also works. There are only seven universities in the state. These are Ranchi University(Ranchi), Birla Institute of Technology(Ranchi), National Institute of Technology(Jamshedpur), Sidhu Kanhu University(Dumka), Binova Bhave University(Hazaribagh), Indian School of Mines(Dhanbad), Birsa Agriculture University(Ranchi), Bisra Institute of Technology(Sindri). Sindri, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, etc. are in top in education in Jharkhand.